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Welcome to the Idaho Discovery Center, where your journey through “Idaho’s Agriculture Adventure” begins! Nestled in the heart of Idaho’s picturesque landscape, our state-of-the-art facility offers a unique exploration of Idaho’s rich agricultural heritage. From interactive exhibits that bring the farm-to-table process to life, to hands-on activities that allow you to dive deep into the science and innovation driving today’s farming techniques, the Idaho Discovery Center is your gateway to understanding and appreciating the pivotal role agriculture plays in our daily lives and the local economy. Join us for an educational and entertaining experience that celebrates the bounty and beauty of Idaho’s farmlands.

With a focus on Agriculture & Aquaculture your adventure starts here

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Discover where your food comes from

Start: 18 February
Start: 18 February
Start: 18 February

The Idaho Discovery Center is excited to unveil “Idaho’s Agriculture Adventure,” a groundbreaking exhibition dedicated to celebrating and exploring the critical role of agriculture in Idaho’s diverse economy. As a pivotal industry, agriculture not only shapes the local landscape but also serves as a major employer across the state. Our exhibit will offer visitors a deep dive into the sectors of livestock, dairy, crop production, and food processing, showcasing how these areas intersect and thrive in Idaho.

By focusing on innovative solutions to modern challenges such as water usage and environmental quality, the Idaho Discovery Center will stand as a beacon of knowledge and progress. We facilitate a unique partnership among educational bodies, industry experts, and economic development stakeholders, fostering a collaborative environment for dynamic research and educational initiatives. Through engaging displays and interactive learning experiences, visitors of all ages are invited to discover the complex interactions and technologies that drive Idaho’s agricultural and food processing industries forward.

Location to the intersection of Highway 93 and I-84

Integrating the Idaho Discovery Center with the Museum, Public Market, and a prospective Convention Center forms a vibrant hub of activity in Central Idaho. This strategic combination harnesses a synergy that is poised to attract visitors traveling along the Interstate from Wyoming to Oregon. Positioned as a premier destination, this collective venue aims to stand out as a significant attraction and a favored stop for travelers exploring the region.

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Viki Robins
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I have come to courses for two summers to study English. I have attended private classes with Marie Claire. The time has been invaluable, positive, fun and very educational.
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I have come to courses for two summers to study English. I have attended private classes with Marie Claire. The time has been invaluable, positive, fun and very educational.

One primary goal at this location is to establish a highly visible presence that serves educational and historic purposes. The Museum and Public Market are complementary entities that clearly benefit from their synergistic relationship.

The site encompasses five lots, totaling 6.13 acres, situated at the northwest corner of Hwy 93 and American Avenue, with a prominent frontage on Hwy 93. The plan is to develop this area into a hub for local industries focusing on agriculture and aquaculture, which are key sectors within the state.

The proposal includes purchasing these lots to construct a series of office warehouses. The development will commence with the construction of a high-bay warehouse tailored for an Idaho-based brewery distillery. This facility will not only store and age their spirits but will also provide secure storage and staging areas necessary for assembling items for the museum and materials needed for constructing the Idaho Cultural Center’s Public Market and Museum.

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